Application of what you've learned will lead to seeing favorable results. Applying is the key to unlocking your human genius / God-self.
It is a challenging task to perfect our quality and challenges will come and go. We have to keep in mind that if we wish to duplicate the divine model, we have to use logic. Using logic is also as essential as studying, memorizing, learning because without knowing and having the understanding of what makes us barbaric, then how can you reclaim your human genius. How can we duplicate the divine model? Remember the days when we relied on our own memory to call someone and dial those numbers from memory. Now we depend on technology and use less of our brain. Just like muscles grow / get weak from no use so those the brain. How can one be Godlike if one doesn’t use it? Technology has truly derailed us from using our muscles and we all know that sometimes we all want to take shortcuts in life. In traditional spirituality, there are no shortcuts to spiritual growth. We emphasize this to remind you that we have a long way to go to duplicate the perfect model. 



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