Show Up//Naima B Robert. Book Review: @Henna.Wahhab

I’ve never cried in public over a is a first. After watching @salamsudduf Live with @naimabrobert on Instagram few days ago I rushed to buy Na’ima’s book Show Up. I found her so inspirational. I set off to get my coffee and sit at Celebration Square with this book enjoying what felt like freedom after months of being cooped in thanks to lockdown. 

It’s at Page 4 I stopped to download the workbook and ask myself the question am I showing up for myself? 

It’s at Page 9 I cried at the beautiful story of falling into sujood of shukr at a loss of a beloved. 

& it’s at Page 13 I realised I needed to get up and walk back home so I can start writing notes and highlighting the strong impactful messages sister Na’ima had written.

No, I didn’t want to wait till I had finished reading this book to write a review. I’m going to take this one slowly and so far I love every word of it. Would recommend you to get this.


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